Powder Coat and Paint PDF

Mechanical Cleaning/Pre-treatment

GK’s cleaning and pre-treatment process will deliver the best results for paint or powder adhesion to metal and will help create the long lasting finish on farm and industrial equipment you desire. GK’s cleaning processes help remove all dirt, grease and any remaining metal flecks from the fabrication process before we begin finishing the item.

Sand Blasting Services

GK’s sand blasting is used to clean metal by removing rust, paint, old coating, dirt, grease, etc. On raw steel it creates a textured surface for the powder or paint to adhere to easily. Sand blasting helps completely prepare the metal surface for powder coating or liquid paint.

Basically, sand blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface. GK’s sand blasting operation is done under high pressure to remove excess surface material and to smooth a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface to create a better surface for paint to adhere to.

Sand blasting is beneficial because it is the optimum cleaning solution for industrial applications. Because of the wear and tear that machinery and hard surfaces often face, cleaning can be extremely difficult. With sand blasting, cleaning is made easy. Whether it is rust, dirt, or grease, it can effectively and efficiency clean these surfaces.

Advantages of Sand Blasting:
  • Prepares metal surfaces so paint or powder easily adheres
  • Cleans and removes all contaminants from surface so coatings adhere better
  • Can be used to strip old finishes and polish surfaces 
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Liquid Spray Paint Services

GK’s environmentally friendly paint booths are capable of handling hundreds of small parts and pieces at one time, as well as extremely large pieces of farm and industrial equipment. GK uses only the finest finishing products and application techniques. We use a computerized paint mixing program to develop the exact color you desire as well as match existing paint colors. GK’s extra-large liquid paint booth is 20’ x 70’ to fit large equipment and multiple parts and pieces at one time. 

Advantages of Liquid Paint:
  • Ideal for metal parts or pieces that cannot be heated for powder coating
  • Wider color selection of liquid paint
  • Produces a thinner finish than powder coating

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Powder Coating Services

GK’s powder coating is applied as a dry powder (polyester) and then cured in an oven. The pieces or parts to be coated are grounded to a booth and powder receives an electrostatics charge as it is sprayed acting like a magnet towards the target metal. This keeps the coating in place until it is oven cured. No hazardous waste is generated nor do we use any solvents in GK’s powder coating process.

Many objects that are powder coated are made of metal and most metal objects that are painted are now powder coated. Our industrial ovens create a durable enamel-like finish by baking powder coated products at temperatures around 430 °F for over 30 minutes, therefore the product to be coated must be able to handle that level of temperature.

Advantages of Powder Coating:
  • Thick, hard finish that is tougher than traditional paint
  • Electrostatic stage greatly increase efficiency of coating
  • Less paint is wasted and the metal object is fully coated in one finish
  • It creates an even flat surface on metal parts as powder is sprayed and heated without drips or application traces.

Here are just a few examples of things GK has powder coated: metal parts and pieces, metal implements, tractors, trailers, metal gates, patio furniture, automotive parts and wheels, sheet metal, wrought iron, garden and outdoor equipment, off-road, ATV and sand-rails, marine and boat parts, industrial components, metal sculptures and metal artwork.

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Shipping Service

GK has a multitude of resources to offer customers with specialty crates, packaging and a seamless transportation process. GK takes responsibility for ensuring the safety of valuable items until they reach their intended destination through qualified carriers. 

A wide range of shipping methods:

The GK team works with you to determine the best option for your shipment. We’ll help choose the option that meets your timeline and your budget.

US Domestic

In addition to GK’s fleet of delivery trucks, we have a network of carriers that we partner with for business to business and business to residential deliveries. 


GK has extensive experience with international export shipping. Our team assists with the required documentation for customs.

White Glove Service

Items that are fragile, high-valve, or have a need for special handling, our white glove services ensure they are treated with the utmost care.

Crating & Pallet Service

GK provides custom crating and packaging solutions for high value, heavy, fragile and unique shaped pieces.